Monday, January 4, 2010

Book Four of The Quilt Ladies Book Collection -Read all about It

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ChangesBook Four of The Quilt Ladies Book Collection, Changes by Beth Ann Strub
Book Four of
The Quilt Ladies Collection

As Teresa's life changes, so does her families. A business is born and with it so much more. Continue along with The "Ladies"
"William was the first to see Molly. He rose and Molly kissed him on the cheek. He stood there and could not say anything. Who was this beautiful young lady?

Emily whispered to him, “It’s time to sit down William.” Molly stepped over her brothers as they both sat looking up at her, their mouths open. Teresa didn't looked up, she was moving over to make space for the new arrivals. In one motion, Molly kissed her mother on her cheek and took Anna into her arms. As she was turning to set down Teresa looked up."
“I will not be putting you out of a job will I?” Jonathan asked Mary Alice. “No, no, our help is a gift to Teresa. Helen helps in the morning, and I help in the afternoons. You will be making a lot of people very happy,” Mary Alice answered. “I am ready to be fired,” Mary Alice said with a smile.
Book Four of The Quilt Ladies Book Collection, Changes by Beth Ann StrubUsing a family heirloom candy dish a quilt is designed, in this quilt named, Grandma's Candy Dish

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Soft Color Cover - Color Quilts 5.5" X 8.5" Books average 30-45 pages, complete color quilt patterns/instructions for the quilt or quilts featured in the book. Story is Fiction but the quilts are very real.

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