Sunday, February 28, 2010

How to Pick your Quilt Colors by The Quilt Ladies

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“How do you see color going together?”

I answered very quickly, “You just see it.” But the question has stayed with me. So, I have broken down how I do it.

Pick your Quilt Colors by The Quilt Ladies1) Start with one fabric. Take this one fabric and work from it. Is that one fabric, a dark, medium or light color?

This is a Dark

Pick your Quilt Colors by The Quilt Ladies

Add the light and medium. Move and change it until you like it.
Lay them out in front of you.

How to Pick your Quilt Colors by The Quilt LadiesThen add, a dark medium, a light medium, until you have the mix of what you like.

2) Choose colors and patterns you love. An average a twin size quilt will take me about a week to piece together, and if hand quilted another, 3-4 months. If tied or machine quilted 3-4 weeks, you have so much time and cost involved you have to love it.

3) Natural or background colors. These are the corner stone. More often than notPick your Quilt Colors by The Quilt Ladies the background color is your light color. Your background color helps bring the blocks together. It does not always need to be a light either, dark or medium work well to, any color can be used.

4) Color Wheel. I’m not a big fan of the color wheel, I do like when colors pops and on most of my quilts the start fabric is not the most prominent color used it in, it is just a starting point.

5) Make one block. This should always be done, a Quilters practice, cut only fabric for one block and live with it for a few days. Especially, if it’s something you’ve never tried before. Most times you will know right away if you like it or not.

6) Have fun. This is the best way to ensure quilt success, when you enjoy the process, your quilt will be fantastic.

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