Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Quilt Ladies Office is ALWAYS Open

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I was asked a question, "How do you do it?"

I like this question,,
My calendar is my best friend, I write everything down, I've done this for years, I leave nothing to memory. I have notebooks full of lists, ideas, measurements, and recently I found one with an entire quilt shop plan from schedules, floor plans and advertising ideas. You know, I STILL hope that happens some day.

I make a daily list of what I'm going to do with The Quilt Ladies, writing schedule and sewing room time, each day.  I may not leave the house, but I have some very long days, both on the computer and in the sewing room.  When Husband is working, so am I. But, his 2 days off a week, I'm with him.

This is how my desk looks in my sewing room (I cleaned). I have everything on computer and have all back ups on memory sticks. I design from this computer, with fabric close.

When we travel I always have my laptop, it has many airline miles on it. This is one of my notebooks, I seem to like time with my computer. Just part of being a solo-business.

Here's my work horse computer, it has had a bit of trouble over the past year, but I love the room it's in and still do most of my writing from it. So, as I try to do it all, I make a daily to do list, set goals monthly, check them weekly and move them around if I have too. Read as much as I can about quilts and quilt trends.
Right, now I have a goal of appliqueing 2 pieces to my paisley quilt each day, but if I don't make it, I just try again tomorrow !

Be Kind to All,

Beth is the Author of The Quilt Ladies Book Collection - See her books, eBooks and quilt pattern series, Little Quilt Ladies - HERE

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  1. organization is the key to getting lots of things done in half the time it takes unorganized people to do the same things


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