Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Writing Desk, Time to Re-Finish a Desk

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After finishing all the work on the books for Kindle, I needed a project that was just for me. Off to an area flea market and this is what I found.   I think it was at one time a vanity, had no bench and no mirror and it measured PERFECT for the spot I want it to go in.

So, it's become my new writing desk.

Re-finishing a Desk

And yes, it will be painted. 

Re-Finish a Desk 

From the looks of this leg someone tried to remove the stain and then gave up.

Writing Desk to Re-Finish a Desk

Wonderful solid construction

Desk to Re-Finish a Desk

This is the deGlosser, if you've not tried it, it works very well. Like sanding sealer but without the smell and it's quicker.

New Writing Desk, Time to Re-Finish a Desk

The drawers are great.

Here I go !

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  1. I want to paint my Dollar Desk (I bought it for a dollar at the Salvation Army, so thus the name) I use for cutting in my sewing room. What do you do to prep your furniture to paint? Do you sand it to remove the varnish or use a deglosser? My desk weighs a ton. It's a huge executive desk, so getting it upstairs was a huge challenge, so I need to paint it where it stands, in my sewing room.


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