Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Writing Desk Re-Finished with Paint

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 I hear it all the time, why paint? and as I say to my mother, "Why not."  
I'd paint everything,  change it, make it mine. This is not an expensive piece of furniture, even in it's day, it wasn't. So I'm making it mine !  Project start - HERE

Writing Desk Re-Finished with Paint

I did it in sections, it was to hot in the garage this summer, so had  plastic and paper down in the desks new room.

Had an email from Amy at  A Quilting Sheep and she asked my process, my email back to her.

"I like the de-glosser, it's great. Just takes off the shine. You put it on, let it dry and paint. Don't have to remove anything. And it has very little smell. Try an inside door it you like first. I deglossed in the garage and then painted in it's room.

I do de-glosser, primer, paint, with this desk I  did not put a sealer on. The paint looks great. After everything is dry, 48 hours, use a heavy brown paper sack and go over everything like sand paper, makes it so soft."

Writing Desk Re-Finished with Paint

My sewing studio will no longer be my office too ! Have to separate the mind work from the creating work.

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