Wednesday, February 29, 2012

In Over My Head and I was ONLY cleaning out the Kitchen

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I needed to get out of my sewing room and
All.... I did was decide to put our Christmas dishes away. 

And look what it turned into, a HUGE mess. I removed everything, 
wiped out, cleaned the window, fan and light and did the floor !

All the kitchen cleaned out

Hours later, I love it and VERY happy I did it. 
Next, Maybe???My sewing room !  Probably not  ! 

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  1. It feels good to do that kind of deep cleaning, doesn't it? Your kitchen looks great!

  2. hahahaha that is something I would totally do except I would end up in the back room where the other half of my kitchen storage is for the larger items and my huge Tupperware closet.

    I am SUPER jealous of all that storage you have in your kitchen. I HATE my kitchen. I do have a lot of cupboards but hate everything else. LOL

  3. Wow! You must be exhausted. I'm tired just thinking about all the work you did.


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