Monday, July 30, 2012

My Friend Hit a Milestone

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I know, when you see a car on a site it's her new Lexus, Cadillac or Jeep. 
Well, not me ! 

This is my friend, she's been my friend since 
May of 1993.
Yes, I said 1993
New off the show room floor

Geo Tracker

My little Geo Tracker

But, this past week she did it, she turned 70,000 original miles. I love it. 

I love this car !
This car has to be the funniest car in the world to drive, 
I just love this car ! 

I'll be driving this....until she will drive no more, 
or the rust catches up with us, on her and me.   

Happy 70,000   Will we make it another 70,000???
If she can, I can

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