Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Moving to Florida

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The story continues...

We sold all our furniture, only taking, the church pew, dining room table and chairs, living room rug and my Grandmothers Rocker. I think that was what was the hardest and at the time, I didn't really understand it. 35 years of STUFF, was gone and I think thats why our movers were not .....human, they didn't get it, it was a job, it was about them, it was NEVER once about us, as customers, as people, not one stick of customer service. Yes, it's just stuff, but not a lot of stuff.

Table and rug in

Pew next, this is a rented truck, this is NOT our movers company, I asked ! 

On April 26th we headed to see our kids in Minnesota, for 3 days.

Then a couple of days of rest before boarding a flight to 
Sunny Florida and our new home

Our corner of the world, our new home and no longer rental property. 

Keep watching ! 

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