Monday, July 22, 2013

"A Wedding" Book Eight of The Quilt Ladies Book Collection

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Book Eight of the Quilt Ladies
A Wedding..... All The Quilt Ladies Books and Quilt Patterns - HERE at an unbelievable price 

The writing of book 8 was so much fun for me. I planned a wedding and had to answer, ask or tell anyone, why or what I wanted. From simple days, to family and friends. It is what I hope my day was about, many years ago.

At the time writing book 8, we lived in Windom, Minnesota. A VERY long way from home and I had some very long days and even longer nights. Son #2 was in high school, working, sports and always busy, Husband had his first retail store and worked 24/7.
And I wrote, the wedding was on.....
I wrote, ate and dreamed of nothing but a wedding, for months and months.
Then came the quilt.
It was overwhelming, everything I've always wanted in a quilt.
This one was designed and done for me, no one else, just me.

There are 12 blocks, pieced on a sewing machine and hand appliqued with
vines and leaves.

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  1. This is really lovely. My mother would love this. She is a mad keen quilter.
    Found you via My Turn for Us Blog hop.

    Handmade at Warratahstree


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