Tuesday, September 3, 2013

From Vintage Tablecloth to Wall Art

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 I found this on ebay and I love it.
With a bit of work it turned out PERFECT ! 

As I unfolded it....it was better than the pictures on ebay

vintage tablecloth and make it wall art

Lots of fold lines.

Tutorial how to take a vintage tablecloth and made it wall art

With a water spray bottle and lots of ironing the folds came out

Made a trip to Lowes and with 1" x 2" boards made a square 50" x 48"
Braces down the middle both length and width.

vintage tablecloth and made it wall art

Lots of staples and pulling

Tutorial how to take a vintage tablecloth and made it wall art

My wonderful Wall center piece.

Tutorial how to take a vintage tablecloth and made it wall art


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