Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Quilt Ladies Book Collection

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Had a VERY sweet email:  
"I'm all confused? Quilt Ladies books,  Little Quilt Ladies? Help ME "
Here I go ! 
"The Quilt Ladies Book Collection" is the stories of Mary Alice, Emily, Helen, Teresa and Jenny. Each book has a story and the quilt pattern they (the Ladies) are making in that book.  The story continues book to book, but each title tells what the books about.

"Little Quilt Ladies" are patterns, no stories. Just Quilt or Applique Patterns.

NOW, I think this may help! 

Print books 
"The Quilt Ladies Book Collection" HERE
Links to KINDLE and NOOK too !

The Quilt Ladies Store HERE

I am the Author of The Quilt Ladies Book Collection

and Little Quilt Ladies Quilt Patterns

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