Monday, January 13, 2014

Make old NEW again, Goodwill lamps Re-Done

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With Husband home, he's become my Goodwill shopper.  They do these wonderful 50% off days and he LOVES them.

This is what he found this past week !
7.00 each
painted table lamps

He sends pictures and I said, "Yes" love them !

table lamps

At first was going to leave the gold, but didn't like it after the first coat of green spray paint. I just cleaned and did just a bit of sanding. 


All Apple Green

clear coat table lamps

4 or 5 clear coats, spray.

These are the shades which came with them. 
I didn't like.

lamp shades

These are the shades I found ! 
Love them ! 

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  1. Goodness Beth, which Goodwill has 50% off days. Our Goodwill NEVER has any mark downs or discount days. They laughed at me one time when I asked if they did a senior discount.

  2. They do it every quarter here, it's on a Sunday and he LOVES it. I think he likes going too, because I don't and he can just find the finds ! They do weekly coupons too, I didn't have one once and the lady at the counter gave me one, I'm now on their newsletter email list ! Thanks for watching !

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