Monday, January 20, 2014

1950's, My kind of New Phone Stand

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This is a phone stand from I think the 50's that I found in a shop for $10.00 it's in great condition and had the glass top too !

phone stand

But, as usual I could NEVER leave it alone ! 
I sat it out in the sun, it had that day old smell, but the sun did it, GONE !

phone stand

The top, in good condition, but used and loved

telephone stand

Kilz Primer now comes in a spray can and I love it ! 
One coat of Kilz.

50's phone stand

Then spray painted on the color, I did the green first,
waiting between each coat.

glass top phone stand from the 1950's

Taped off the top and added the blue.
I let is sit for a few days in the garage, 
here things seem to need a bit to dry completely

50's furniture phone stand

Finished !

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