Wednesday, February 26, 2014

To use a Quilt or NOT ? PLEASE Use the QUILT !

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Before I start, this is 100% MY OPINION !
To use a Quilt or NOT ?
That’s the question?  At my group the other day one of the ladies was making a pretty quilt as a gift for a grandchild. The new mom had already said she was not going to let the new baby use it so he would have it when he grows up and the maker, Grandma was thrilled.

I held my tongue, but, WHY??? Please tell me WHY???

I don’t make heirloom quilts, I don’t make show quilts, I quilt plain old quilts, you know the kind you crawl up in and cuddle. The one’s you eat popcorn under and sleep on the couch with.

I want my Grand’s quilts to be chewed on, washed daily or weekly, used as a cape running down the driveway and by all means potty on it. That’s what it’s for. 

To curl up in and think its Momma’s arms or Daddy’s hugs, and to feel it and know that Grandma and Grandpa are thinking about them and are only a visit away.

Baby boy's first quilt

I hope my Grand’s quilts are rags when they are big and that their Momma’s hold on to them in that condition. And pulls it out and say, “Remember this?”

I have my Great-Great Grandmothers quilt, which she made for my mother. Mom thinks it was when she was 10, which would make it made in 1938. I asked and mother wanted nothing to do with it. So, I use it, I wash it, I LOVE it. Why not???  It can be 100 degrees out here in Florida, air conditioning on and I still cover myself with it. It just makes me happy !  I think that's what quilts are for.

So, all you Grandma’s out there PLEASE make 2 quilts if one is not to be used, one to love and one to keep???

Just my opinion ! 

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  1. This is how I feel exactly! Just recently I made a baby quilt for a grand nephew and was there at the baby shower. Just before mom opened up the gift, I looked her in the eyes and said "use it, wash it often, let it become softer with character, toothaches, flues, colds, and tears. Let it be the comfort it was made to be. I am glad I said something before it was opened because the mother then understood what I meant.

  2. I once had a friend that received a very expensive, "silk" (polyester) baby comforter; the first time she washed it all she had left was shreds. The hand made one that I gave her; Her son still has 30+ years later. I also rescued one from the trash that was 50 years old (it was dated); a little TLC and is good to go for another 50 years. If a quilt is made as an art piece, then treat it as such. But if it is made to use, then by all means; use it.

  3. I don't think the little baby in that picture could fit on the quilt like that now, but it's his favorite to watch movies with now. :) We love all the quilts you have made us!


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