Sunday, March 30, 2014

What I’ve learned since moving to Florida

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What I have learned since moving to 


First, Take care of your body.  Sunscreen, doctor, dentist, do it all and start it NOW no matter your age. DO IT NOW - I mean it. I never thought at 30 I’d get old, but you DO, it will happen. It’s a bit sad to see people trying to caught up !

Second, Meeting so many new people, I can see the ones who are having a ball and the ones just existing,  not from a financial view, but from an emotional view. The happy ones are the ones with goals ideas, are open to do and learn. I’ve learned, I’LL NEVER RETIRE. I will be doing The Quilt Ladies forever. I love them. I love the process, I love the commitment to them and I love quilts. 

Third, is letting it all just be. I can’t change anyone, anything and I don’t want to. That’s hard for some to hear. I just had to STOP caring ! This started with my Mom LONG before we moved her down here. She was in such a terrible place in her own mind and after talking with a professional, (Highly recommend) Listen to her, don’t react and I do ONLY what I want and have to do !

Fourth, and it’s a full sentence.  No.   Did you see that, a capital letter and a period. No, needs no explanation.  No. I sometimes have to add “I’m an adult and I chose to say, NO.” And with dealing with an aging parent, it works.

Fifth, laugh, laugh loud, laugh long and laugh often. Walking around the house looking for your phone and finding it in my purse, Husband jumping into the pool with his iphone in his pocket, then swimming for 45 minutes before noticing it and a classic here, “What day is it? “  LAUGH

Sixth,  LOVE, find something to LOVE, yourself, a partner, a pet, something to be 100% yourself with. And, when you love, you are happy…..

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