Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tutorial How to Paint a Barn Quilt

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Well, my barn quilts have become smaller, I really missed having them.

So, I made them Condo size 12" x 12"
QUILT Patterns too !

barn quilt tutorial
Finished Barn Quilt

How I did my small barn quilts

how to make a barn quilt

Pencil design on 

tutorial of how to make a barn quilt

Paint time

how to make a barn quilt

I used paint pens, they are like markers.
They don't have a lot in them, I used 1 1/2 pens 
per barn quilt. 
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painting a smaller barn quilt

LOTS of pretty painted fabric

painting a barn quilt

And Quilt Lines

painting a barn quilt

I can NEVER do one of anything

how to make a barn quilt

LOT's of coat of varnish, satin in the type I like
and lot's of drying time. Quilt Pattern of these blocks are HERE

making barn quilts

barn quilt

Finished Barn Quilt

Beth Ann
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