Monday, May 12, 2014

Making my Sewing Room MINE !

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I have to say, "I don't LIKE my sewing room"
and I've been complaining about it for....well, the entire time we've been here
Just saying......
The After
stencil a table how to


So, before our spring trip, I took the old computer desk and painted it. 

table pink and black

Sanding it down a bit and used Pink and Black to make it pop ! 
Then let it set and get good and dry ! ! 

 I just finished the fun part ! 
how to stencil a table

Draw out my lines

stenciling a table

Used acrylic paint, stencil and let the fun begin ! 

stenciling a table

Load the paint and remove most on a paper towel

stenciling a table

Use an up and down motion to add the paint, less is more, as more can always be added. 
how to stencil a table

It is a very simple stencil which I moved around and made mine.

stencil a table how to

Let stencil dry for a few days and then MANY 
coats of clear satin on top ! 

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