Saturday, May 31, 2014

One Quilt Block 12 Ways Pattern

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Ever think that you make everything to complicated ?  BUT this quilt is NOT just looks that way 

Here is the quilt pattern

quilt ladies quilt pattern

I'm doing a pattern for an eight year old's quilt. 
 Our Grand #1. - HERE
I, of course sometime in the process, had the thought, his has to be in a book too,

Brother's Grand #2's quilt is in 
"Get to the Center of It"  HERE

So, his has to be in one too  !  He has no idea, but you know me as Grandma?? Make everything fair.

 So, I  took the basic star and had  fun !

I had emails about the argyle fabric (corners), remember it's just fabric, 
"don't over think it !"

All layered, ready to put together !

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