Thursday, May 15, 2014

Washing an Old Quilt

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I purchased another quilt,
this one is a little sad, but I think I can get it looking good again ! I was told it was from the 40's, but I'm thinking it's not that old???

Machine pieced and hand quilted

How I washed an old quilt

The red's held up pretty good

washing an old quilt

I have one rule when I purchase quilts, 
can it be machine washed?? 
Pictured is my Mother's day quilt, both quilts, very dirty ! Washed both twice, cold water, Downy, line dried ! 

I can't afford museum quilts, I purchase quilt that we will use and love and I HAVE to know they are clean !

washing an old quilt

It's the folds were I'll have to work on it ! 

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