Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Make Picking Fabric Colors for a Quilt Quick

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I'm a bit overwhelmed with all the attention this post received and I'm pleased to show you it really works ! 

B Annie Quilt Pattern eBook by the Quilt Ladies
This is one of the quilt rows, 
choosing fabrics this way !

This may seem a bit strange, but I love the colors in this dress and it's how I picked the colors for my quilt Pattern Book  

B. Annie HERE

quilt fabrics from a photo in vogue
(photo from Vogue and I've had it for a while)

Can you see it?
 The purples, the pink/red sleeve, the green top

And a White added for the white Chair !

The Quilt Ladies Store

The only color that just didn't work for me was the black belt and I couldn't find anything I liked, so I just left it off.
(Note: when piecing the blocks the dark green took the place of the black)
If you'd LIKE the pattern - HERE it is

Here's a look at one of the 16 blocks ! 
It worked !

Beth Ann
The Quilt Ladies Book Collection  ONLY on Kindle and NOOK

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