Monday, March 23, 2015

A Wall Quilt Done and UP - It's a Big ONE

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I've wanted to do this for a VERY long time. I have drawn it out, measured and re-drawn it. And, it's up and as I've said before I LOVE IT ! 

The Quilt measures 82 inches wide and 92 inches long! 
Machine pieced and machine applique.
Wall Quilt on a Frame

I wanted it to cover the windows behind our bed. It's so sunny and light, this makes it dark, the older I get sleep is needed.... I don't sleep I don't keep up with Husband.

Husband made the frame, 
Wall Quilt on a Frame

we covered it with batting.

Wall Quilt on a Frame

Then staples the quilt on
Wall Quilt on a Frame

The Quilt Ladies Store of Quilt Patterns

The Before

Wall Quilt on a Frame

 Backed it with a VERY heavy painters drop cloth, cheaper than yardage.
Wall Quilt on a Frame

 Husband hung it with a cleat How to HERE

Putting it all together 
Wall Quilt on a Frame

It's been a few weeks and I still walk in and can't believe it. 
AND, I'm sleeping ! (Happy Dance)


And, "YES" to all, 
"I'm home and it's wonderful !"

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