Monday, October 12, 2015

An Old Quilt From Long Ago !

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I'm going through old quilt pictures and this one just makes me smile

Heart quilt with applique flowers

This quilt is from the first quilt book I purchased
"Holiday Happenings" by Christal Carter, published by That Patchwork Place, copyright 1987, it took me a bit of time to find the book on my bookcase it was on the very top, but,  in it's day it was a very popular book. This has to be my second or third quilt made, in the late 80's.

Heart quilt with applique flowers book

The patterns are all done around a log cabin.

Heart quilt with applique flowers

This is the first time I did applique, and I didn't know how to do a blind stitch, so I did a running stitch on top of the pieces. As I look at it now, I see SO, many things that are not right, but I still like it, not perfect and all.

Heart quilt with applique flowers

I machine pieced the quilt, hand applique and hand quilted.

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