Thursday, December 15, 2016

Blue and White Quilt with Hand Quilting

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Pulling out quilts this morning and here's one of my favorites. I've been working on putting a new website together and book, this will probably be the cover shot...used in some way. I will get it all put together and share soon.

I've learned through the years that the way to a Quilter's heart is through hand quilting. This is my, "I can talk the talk, quilt the quilt," quilt. HA ! 

I've seen grown woman, sigh, giggle and try to hold their fingers back from touching this quilt.  I cannot tell you the joy is brings me. 

blue and white quilt in squares

It started out as a baby quilt, but it has been put to work as my opening for most speaking.
I can HAND quilt the quilt ! !

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