Tuesday, January 2, 2018

My Book - The Quilt Ladies on KINDLE and NOOK

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The Quilt Ladies, is a story that follows five friends through The Quilt Ladies   Each of the Twelve stories continues the story and has the pattern/instructions for the quilt the Ladies are making in that book. bethanndoing.com
The Quilt Ladies NOW ONLY on Kindle and NOOK
The Quilt Ladies Book by Beth Ann Strub

I wrote the stories first, designed the quilts and then made all the  quilts.

The Quilt Ladies book by Beth Ann Strub

Book One Quilt 

Quilt stories and quilt pattern from The Quilt Ladies book by Beth Ann Strub

When the books went off to the book designer a few years ago, the quilt design ready for print.

The Quilt Ladies Book quilt pattern by Beth Ann Strub

This is "Square Star"  done in a manageable size to take with me.

 You purchase the book (12 stories and 15 complete quilt patterns) and have the patterns all at the same time. No waiting for the pattern release, months or years later.

see all the quilt of The Quilt Ladies in the book by Beth Ann Strub

Book Seven quilt - "Love at Any Age"



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