Monday, July 11, 2022

Christmas in July - Square Perfect Quilt Pattern Book

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This is a simple quilt pattern made with squares,  but with the three colors, and then doing it red, white and blue, the colors pop. It's not the red and blue, it's the white that will make any colors POP. Complete instructions to make this quilt are in the PDF download and printed book. There is also a pieced square border on the outside edge. How to make a four-patch quilt block

I have set a goal for myself to get things on Etsy, in Print and as eBooks. The process of designing and making quilts is my favorite. But...the goal is to get my quilt pattern out to you all  ! ! !  and here is what I have been doing.  My New Quilt Pattern Book  -Etsy   and   Amazon

Square Perfect Quilt Pattern Book

Simple Red White and Blue Quilt Pattern

 As an Etsy Download

In Print And An eBook

Square Perfect a Quilt Pattern in Red, White and Blue, but only if you want it to be, you can use any three colors It's a holiday of colors no matter what colors.

Complete cutting and piecing instructions are given. Square Perfect makes a finished quilt that measures, 108" x 98" a Perfect KING size quilt. Instructions to make each row and a complete how to make each square design as shown in the pictures.  Beth Ann's Books

Red White and Blue Quilt Pattern from The Quilt Ladies Quilt Pattern from The Quilt Ladies

beth ann of

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