Monday, September 5, 2022

Most Requested Quilt Block Patterns

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I have had The Quilt Ladies for over twenty years, lots of quilt blocks, quilt patterns drawn, loads of quilt blocks made, quilt patterns on Etsy and even my quilt books in Print, Kindle and on Prime. These are the quilt patterns here from this site that are always asked about and for !

Quilt Pattern from The Quilt Ladies

Great Great Grandmothers quilt pattern

This is MY Quilt HERE and the quilt block pattern for you to make. I am so happy to have this quilt, it helped start The Quilt Ladies 

free quilt block pattern from The Quilt Ladies

Here, I think it's the color and the movement this quilt block has that all like. It's finished size is eighteen inches by eighteen inches, using cut 2 1/2" squares.

fishing quilt block pattern

This is Husband's quilt, the fold up and add to his sleeping bag quilt.
The quilt block pattern is here for you

star quilt block pattern from The Quilt Ladies

This quilt block star quilt pattern has a life of it's own. It's all over Pinterest, all over other's sites as a link to get you to their quilt sites (not paid for OR asked for)  and it's been viewed here over 26000 times. Have to say, it's liked ! 

Shadow Star Quilt Block Pattern from The Quilt Ladies

My Shadow Star quilt block pattern I have shared this recently and it's always a hit ! 

quilt block patterns from The Quilt Ladies

My:  To Use a Quilt or Not to Use a quilt

Meet Beth Ann: A Quilter and an Author who decided to self-publish her quilt books and quilt patterns, 
SEE her  BOOKS on Amazon and PDF download quilt patterns on Etsy

No additional cost to you, this post contains affiliate links. I receive a few cents if you click to my links and purchase. It helps with my fabric obsession.  Beth Ann, Thank you for stopping

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