Monday, November 14, 2022

Applique Baskets Full of Flowers

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Baskets of Applique Flowers Pattern to you in moments All of the applique quilt blocks have a Finished size of 11" wide and 14" high. Complete Patterns with 3 copies of each pattern included.  This applique quilt patterns can be use as shown and as patterns for paintings.  This Applique Baskets of Flowers is priced that all can afford to try,
The Quilt Ladies Quilt Pattern Shop
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Baskets of Applique Flowers Quilt Patterns

Applique baskets for flowers
Applique basket of flower by The Quilt Ladies
 A basic how to hand applique and fusible web section too.   Book has 35 pages. Download this Applique Pattern in moments to your Printer.
SEE the Complete quilt pattern HERE and ONLY USD $5.00

The Quilt Ladies Quilt Pattern Shop

Meet Beth Ann:
A Quilter and an Author who decided to self-publish her quilt books and quilt patterns, SEE her  BOOKS on Amazon and PDF download quilt patterns on Etsy 

  At NO Additional cost to you, this quilt pattern post contains affiliate links. I receive a few cents if you click to my links and purchase. These few cents help with my fabric collection and or obsession. Beth Ann and as always Thank you for stopping


  1. These applique baskets are so lovely and full of beautiful flowers! They look perfect for a spring or summer, adding a cheerful touch to any room. The colors are vibrant and the detail is amazing. Such a great piece to brighten up any space!

  2. These appliqué baskets are so lovely and vibrant! The flowers' vibrant hues make them stand out and look great in any space.


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