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How to Start Quilting, Making Patterns, Cutting Fabric with The Quilt Ladies

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You've asked and here I go,

Always remember that quilting has been done for hundreds of years and all the new gadgets are great.

You can still do things very simply and fill your sewing closet with new innovations as your talent grows.

No need to purchase a rotary cutter and mat your first time out. Take your time and enjoy.
Things needed to start a quilt project:

A sewing machine that sews a straight line, borrow one or purchase one at a large chain store. No need to spend hundreds on a machine to straight stitch. OR
Hand piecing can be done too. Everything is the same as a machine, but you hand stitch using the same ¼" seam allowance.

How to Start Quilting with The Quilt Ladies1)Graph Paper
2)Freezer Paper – Plastic coated paper, like the butcher’s wrap meat in. You can purchase it at your local store or if you ask they may give you some at your butcher counter
3)Glue stick
5)Gray thread
8)Basic sewing supplies, Scissors, thimble, sew riper, etc.
9)Needles – for hand piecing Sharps size 7-12, for quilting Between needles size 10-12
10)Sewing Pins
11) Fabric and Batting

Fabric – The best rule of thumb is to purchase the best fabric you can afford. Always 100% cotton. Avoid loose woven fabrics. Wash cotton to check for color fast and iron if needed. If new to quilting it is always best to start with a light and dark color.

How to Start Quilting with The Quilt LadiesCutting – Rotary cutter, mat and ruler can be used if you have them. If you are new to quilting and are not sure you want to buy all these supplies try Freezer paper. It may be purchased at any grocery store. You will notice that one side is shiny, one not.
Draw the pattern pieces on to graph paper, the finished
size, the - - - line. The - - - - will be the sewing line

Add a ¼ inch seam allowance around the entire outside edge –the cutting line
(example – 2 inch finished size cut square 2 ½" x 2 ½") Cut pattern out
With a glue stick. Paste the pieces to How to Start Quilting with The Quilt Ladiesthe NON-shiny side of the freezer paper.

Cut the pattern out.

You can now iron the pattern to your fabric, shiny side down.
This pattern can be used over and over. It will leave no film on your How to Start Quilting with The Quilt Ladiesfabric.

Square -
Cut 2 squares the same size (finished size of square plus 1/2 inch) example cut 2 ½ x 2 Good to good Fabric
¼ inch seam allowance, sew
Trim threads
Open and Press to the dark

How to Start Quilting with The Quilt Ladies

1)sew seam with a 1/4 inch seam allowance,
you may need to mark your machine with this measurement.

How to Start Quilting with The Quilt Ladies

2) You can chain piece a few at a time
Cut thread and open

3)sew these together
How to Start Quilting with The Quilt Ladies
Watch your color placement, sew good side to good side.

4) A 4-patch quilt square
How to Start Quilting with The Quilt Ladies


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