Friday, August 20, 2010

Adding Old Wooden Door has Head Board

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Old Wooden Door Head Board

Old Wooden Door has Head Board

I didn't think the hard part of all this would be hanging it.
Finding the stubs, marking, drilling, lifting and finally on the wall. I filled the holes,
re-painted, vacuum and remade the bed.

Old Wooden Door has Head Board

The door was level, but the stain glass wasn't. Had to fix.

Old Wooden Door has Head Board

The new headboard, I LOVE IT !
quilt on guest room bed

Yes the quilt, this quilt is over 20 years old and in the day I tied the quilt with yarn.

Old Wooden Door has Head Board

This quilt has been used, loved, washed and put in the dryer. It has lasted and is in very good shape, by just taking good care of it and purchasing the best fabric I could, I hope to have it for many more years.

Old Wooden Door has Head Board and Old Quilt

The finished project.

Old Wooden Door has Head Board and Old Quilt
NOW, I like it,
Next, 2 nightstands, I'm still looking for them, GW here I come !
Sew Happy,


  1. adds some great detail. Next, you'll have hubby wanting to paint the room for ya. lol

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