Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Process of Time and Cleaning OUT my Sewing Room

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Cleaning up and OUT of my sewing room this past week has brought up a lot of feelings, ideas and emotions.
When you first start to quilt you discover 
there is a 3 step process.
The beginning: The idea, the pattern, the fabric.
The middle: The cutting, the piecing, the quilt top finished
The end: The quilting, by hand/machine and the binding

And that with each step the process 
will become complete.

But, going through my fabric closet, cleaning out paperwork, notebooks and idea sheets, I noticed I’ll never be done. And, is that alright with me? 
Am I able to let it be alright?

After a week of thinking, I don’t think it’s the things, the buffet, the sewing machine, I think it’s the ideas. The patterns which have been drawn and will never be made, that pull at my heart.   With the fix it mentality I have, these patterns may not get made but may be given? I’m still trying to work that process out in my head?  

But, what I have learned, it has to be alright. We have chosen these next steps, not made to make them. I’ll be alright and that my new 3 step process is:

The beginning: Open to all ideas
The middle: Jump in and do
The end: Enjoy the process, my new 3 steps

And, what ever happens,

Laugh, smile and be happy 

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  1. love your thought process. i am in the midst of the same project, so your wise words will help me thru it all. thank you.


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