Monday, July 8, 2013

Book Corners How to Make - The Quilt Ladies

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Corner Book Mark
I love giving books and this bookmark makes it personal. Years ago the pre-school I worked at made these out of paper, mine are the same idea, just with fabric.

1 Heavy piece of paper, index card works well
2 Pieces of fabric 4 ½” x 4 ½”
With white glue, glue each piece of fabric to each side of the heavy card.  Let dry.

On the light color fabric, draw out a 4 Patch block, each block measuring 2” x 2”
On opposite corners draw a line corner to corner

With scissors or exacto knife, cut as shown

Score lightly the square lines,

 fold over and glue.

I’m always picking up things like this, you can use bottoms, beads, anything that is not too thick. Cut apart and glued.

Paper clip to hold until dry.

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  1. Just wondering, what is the benefit of using glue over using fusible web? I used to make Christmas ornaments using fabric and a center of cardstock and always used the fusible web as it was less messy than glue. Does the glue make it stiffer? Certainly want to make some of these to toss in with the books I give as gifts!

  2. Very cute version of this kind of bookmark.♥♫

  3. I'm not a big fusible web person, me, a hot iron and I see mess written all over it. The glue does make it stiffer, but use what you like. Have fun !


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