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How to make a Rice Bag

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Christmas in July with
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Rice Bag

This is one of the things you think you will NEVER need or want  ! ! 
I need it and I want it. 
Make one for everyone and for yourself. 

It's simple white non-cooked rice in a bag, warm it in the Microwave and you have a heating pad. I use it all year around.

I like to use Flannel, but cotton and fleece work too
Cut  8 Flannel Squares - 2 7/8" x 2 7/8"
Cut 2 Cotton Squares 2 7/8' x 2 7/8"

Make Triangles - How to HERE

how to make a rice bag tutorial

You will have 16 squares

how to make a rice bag

Piece them into 4 rows, 4 in each row.

how to make a rice bag tutorial

Sew the rows together.
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For the Rice Bag

Cut a piece of fabric 9" x 28" 
Fold in half and press

how to make a rice bag

Sew both of the long sides together,

Using a 5/8" seam allowance

Turn the bag right side out, pull corners out and press

making a rice bag

Top Stitch 1/4" around sides, and bottom.

Fill bag with rice. (I use the cheapest I can find)

I put 6 Cuts of White right in mine (try it and add what you like)

Turn in the top edge and pin and top stitch across the top.
Mine is turned in about 2 inches. I like it firm.

how to make a rice bag

Cut 2 Flannel pieced 12" x 8 1/2" 
(if you didn't make you bag as firm add fabric to length here)

Sew one to each side

Press the edge under and fold over, press.

Top Stitch both sides.

how to make a rice bag tutorial

Fold one of the edges, right side to right side over to the center of the patchwork.

Fold the other edge over 1 1/4" and sew both of the sides closed.

Turn bag right side out.

Fill Flannel bag with Rice Bag

You can add a Velcro here to hold closed, BUT I leave it open,
so my foot can get inside of it in.... NOTHING better.

tutorial of how to make a rice bag

The Finished Rice Bag.

HAPPY Christmas IN July

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