Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Quilt Ladies Book Collection

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I'm very happy to be able to present MY Quilt Ladies
It's time to curl up, read and if you like make a quilt as a quilt pattern is included, but you don't have to make quilts to love The Quilt Ladies

I started The Quilt Ladies with the first three books, selling them at craft fairs. 
Today there are 12 books in the series. 
The Quilt Ladies Printed books are ONLY available at my store. 
quilt patterns and quilt story
In The Quilt Ladies Book Collection five very different women come together. The books take you through learning to quilt, starting a business, moving, daily life and death. Each book continues the story and has Complete Quilt Instructions for the quilt the ladies are making in that book.

Read about each book HERE

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Links to Kindle and Nook are provided for you too ! 

quilt books and quilt patterns
Printed Books - Soft Color Cover - Color Quilts 5.5" X 8.5" 
Books average 30-45 pages, complete color quilt patterns/instructions for the quilt
or quilts featured in the book.

I am the Author of The Quilt Ladies Book Collection
and Little Quilt Ladies Quilt Patterns

I make/design all quilt block patterns on this site
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