Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Third Day HOME ALONE !

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It's Day Three, Loving this
Received the phone call (a.m.), Husband is there and they are heading in, I won't hear from him until they come out. They car in, boat in, sleep in tents, fish, blah, blah, blah ! 
I'm sure it's the same way he thinks about me talking about quilts.

Want to see a grown man shiver in his work boots ?
Walk into Lowes with a yellow legal pad, tape measure and pictures from pinterest ! ! ! Yes, it was a metal tape measure not cloth, I've learned, they will laugh out loud at you, I know I did it....once. 

I'm home with cabinets, paint, and LOTS of plants, pots and soil, the lanai is MINE. 
Let the planting begin ! 

But, sanding is first,
I hate sanding, but yes they are "NEW" wood cabinets and yes, I'm painting them WHITE. 
A lite sanding and wiped them down to remove everything. I'll paint in the morning ! 

After the sanding I finished 8 quilt blocks, Loving them  !! For some reason with this project having so many fabrics I've just let it all be....a mess

My sewing table ! 

Dinner with a glass of wine tonight ! 

I'm making Hamburger Helper 
Classic Stroganoff, funny I know that complete name ! 
Husband doesn't like it and I LOVE it !

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