Thursday, June 2, 2016

I have an IDEA to paint our condo lanai wall

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OK, I love to decorate and  I've decided to do the wall in our lanai. This is the wall, I like the canvas...... BUT, it needs to fill the entire wall. So, off to pinterest I go, my boards are here, if you would like to follow me

This is the wall BEFORE, 
notice my orchids are blooming again
Painting a wall in a condo lanai

And look what I found, I LOVE it, Now... I know, mine will NEVER be this detailed, good and or WOW, 
but it's paint and here I go a planning ! 
Here is Diana Watson's site

Painting a condo Lanai wall

I measured the wall, took a picture and started planning everything out.
lanai wall for flower design in paint

The Canvas picture is one of my photo's, and of course I have MANY on my computer. 

designing our condo lanai wall

Colored pencils out, colors planned. 

designing our condo lanai wall for flower design in paint

A trip to Lowe's and I have my background color (see left side), I went with, Valspar Signature Paint, a flat interior
Mark Twain Gray Brick, not a paid advertisement, but should be, 

I can do it and if I like it? 
Don't like it, I paint the wall all Mark Twain Gray Brick and re-hang the picture. 

Off to start drawing it out on the wall and get the basic gray on, let the fun begin

Keep watching

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  1. I am looking forward to seeing this project progress. Hope you take lots of pictures to share.

    1. Yes, it has been a good week of painting and I will be sharing. Hoping to finish up in the next couple of days and I LOVE it !

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