Sunday, August 21, 2016

Quilt Basket Beauty Quilt Pattern Book by The Quilt Ladies

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When I started blogging about 12 years ago, there wasn't Pinterest and Facebook was way off my radar. But over the years I have learned and learned. This quilt pattern post is my NUMBER ONE post ever. 

Quilt Basket Beauty is NOW 
at my Etsy Quilt Pattern Shop - HERE

Repost from 2012

I've been in  Florida having a ball
I love it there and to me there is nothing better. 

I took a little quilt with me, I love quilting with the group in our area and 
I've not hand quilted for some time, here's the quilt I took and it's pattern for you ! 

quilt basket tutorial
Basket Quilt Tutorial with complete Pattern
The Quilt Ladies NOW on Kindle and NOOK

The Quilt Ladies NOW on Kindle and NOOK

How to make a Quilted Basket Pattern

Quilted Basket Pattern

The Quilt Ladies NOW on Kindle and NOOK

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