Friday, September 2, 2016

Thanks for Asking about Everything you see Here on My Site

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Thanks for asking, here is the Basket Quilt Pattern HERE as I use it today, it's on my dress and it still makes me smile to see it. I moved it to the dresser after being on my night stand and I spilled coffee all over it and was washing it at 6:00 am before a flight out for vacation?? Crazy !  

Basket Quilt Pattern
The Quilt Ladies NOW on Kindle and NOOK

 This is one of my Basket of Applique patterns you noticed from my shelf in my office closet
The patterns are here, I've done them in fabric and now on canvas boards. 
Baskets of Applique Flowers Pattern done with Paint by The Quilt Ladies

And my book The Quilt Ladies 
The Quilt Ladies quilt stories and quilt patterns on Kindle and NOOK

The Quilt Ladies NOW on Kindle and NOOK 
all for only 9.99 (USD)

All 12 of my stories and all 15 quilt patterns are in ONE book. It is on KINDLE and NOOK and I really don't think they will be in print.  I just can't do it. I know that amazon has a program, but it overwhelms me so. As of NOW, only on Kindle and Nook.  I will let you know if something changes. Plus, it would cost so much,  it's huge, over 400 pages.

The Quilt Ladies NOW on Kindle and NOOK

The Quilt Ladies Store Logo
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