Sunday, March 30, 2014

What I’ve learned since moving to Florida

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What I have learned since moving to 


First, Take care of your body.  Sunscreen, doctor, dentist, do it all and start it NOW no matter your age. DO IT NOW - I mean it. I never thought at 30 I’d get old, but you DO, it will happen. It’s a bit sad to see people trying to caught up !

Second, Meeting so many new people, I can see the ones who are having a ball and the ones just existing,  not from a financial view, but from an emotional view. The happy ones are the ones with goals ideas, are open to do and learn. I’ve learned, I’LL NEVER RETIRE. I will be doing The Quilt Ladies forever. I love them. I love the process, I love the commitment to them and I love quilts. 

Third, is letting it all just be. I can’t change anyone, anything and I don’t want to. That’s hard for some to hear. I just had to STOP caring ! This started with my Mom LONG before we moved her down here. She was in such a terrible place in her own mind and after talking with a professional, (Highly recommend) Listen to her, don’t react and I do ONLY what I want and have to do !

Fourth, and it’s a full sentence.  No.   Did you see that, a capital letter and a period. No, needs no explanation.  No. I sometimes have to add “I’m an adult and I chose to say, NO.” And with dealing with an aging parent, it works.

Fifth, laugh, laugh loud, laugh long and laugh often. Walking around the house looking for your phone and finding it in my purse, Husband jumping into the pool with his iphone in his pocket, then swimming for 45 minutes before noticing it and a classic here, “What day is it? “  LAUGH

Sixth,  LOVE, find something to LOVE, yourself, a partner, a pet, something to be 100% yourself with. And, when you love, you are happy…..

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Making Envelopes - How To Tutorial

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The Button Bracelets are made and I wanted them to look nice when given.Button Bracelet How to is HERE

I used Scrapbook paper which I already had, it measured 12" x 12" 
tutorial on how to make an envelope

Fold each corner in as shown, this is a trial thing, don't over think it. 

making an envelope

Folded each side in about an inch, as shown

how to make an envelope

Fold the bottom up about half way, as shown

tutorial of how to make an envelope

Fold the top down

how to make an envelope tutorial

I needed 7 total

See all The Quilt Ladies have HERE

Made  simple button tags for each

Cut and fold bracelet into quilt batting

Place under the 1 inch sides 

Close and tape - add tags

how to make an envelope tutorial

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

OK the MAN is driving ME CRAZY…

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100% my opinion....

OK the MAN is driving ME CRAZY…

It’s been 11 months of his retirement and WE have finally hit a groove. Well, he has. The first few months were nothing but, do, do and more do. After we had settled in for just a month, he started the process of moving my Mom down here too. She and I’d talked about it and it would be 8-10 months before we’d get her down, but it was a project and HE had to have it done. With her here and our little condo set up, we have moved into a state of let’s do ! !

Before May 22013, I was home most days 100% by myself. He left the house around, 7 a.m. and returned anywhere from 6-7p.m. I did what I wanted, when I wanted and didn’t think a thing about it…. But, NOW, Everything is a topic for discussion.  

To the NEWLY retired out there and Husband PLEASE learn:

 If I don’t say anything back, STOP TALKING. 

 I can walk through a store without you. 
There is something about purchasing new underwear or swimsuit my one’s self I enjoy.

 I have driven a car, VERY well for years. Don’t drive me.

Just because it sounds funny in your mind, DON’T say it, if it’s about me.

When I say,  “Really,” I’m wanting to say, “What the - - - -“    
 I don’t care, means, I “REALLY” don’t care.

This sounds bad, but I need to let you all know, it’s hard work being together, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so, “Marry your best friend”  you hear it all the time. I really like him….After all these years you’d think it would be a given. But.....we have been working hard on day to day together and

HE bought a fishing boat. THANK GOD !

I think......I’m going to make it NOW ! 

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Solid Bold Color Quilted Table Runner

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My First try  bold solid colors in a quilt.

Amish table runner

And the first time I understood what I call "Quilting for Meaning". 
This is a table runner, simple, colors work, but what makes it is the quilting.

Handmade Amish table runner

I machine pieced and I hand quilted with very simple hearts. I used a red colored thread and a thin batting that is just enough to hold the stitches.

Amish table runner

If, I was to quilt this today, it would have much more hand quilting, and with that would probably loose the simple feel it has..

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

How to Make a Button Bracelet - A Tutorial

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I have Husbands Grandmother's buttons, and this past weekend we had a family reunion with his brother and sisters. I wanted to do something for just the Ladies. 
And here is what I made, Button Bracelets
I had seen the bracelets on Pinterest, but no instructions so here is how "I" did it ! ! 

First the buttons

I laid each bracelet out and made sure that each one had at least one button the same in each bracelet, the white ones

For the bracelet you need one's with 4 holes, I used 7 per bracelet
and then 1 button with just 2 holes for the end, to use as the clasp. 

how to make a button bracelet

I used cord "Jewelry Designer Satin Rattail"  cord 
5.49 m

I cut the length about 24" long = double it over

button bracelet tutorial

Tie a knot in the end, this will be where the end clasp button goes through

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Pull the cord up and then down over the other side. 

When you cross over and come up again this is when you need to 
have the other cord end UNDER that closing to hold it in place.

hot to make a button bracelet

Pull the cross stitch tight, and start the process over
with the cord NOT used on the first button and do 
it all again. 

I left space between each button.

When you get to the end, leave about a 1 inch of cord 
and add the 2 hole button, tie a knot at each hole

button bracelet tutorial

This is the end button which will become the clasp button

how to make a button bracelet

I made 7 bracelets 

I made gift cards as I'm pretty sure no one remembers I have these buttons.

Buttons provided by: Lucy Strub
Grandma ! 

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Black Quilt

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In the winter I started with one quilt on our bed and as the months go on even here in Florida, I add quilts as needed.  I had 3 quilts on the bed this year. I was removing them to wash and put away and decided to take a couple of pictures. 

I machine pieced this quilt and had it long arm quilted.

black and white quilt

I used scraps for the back and just had fun.

Used no pattern just pieced and let it happen. 

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Our Wedding Anniversary

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I'm going to indulge myself Today is our 36th Wedding Anniversary

I was 20 years old, and  very much in love.

Our wedding was simple and happy

Thank goodness we laugh a lot. I don't think I'd ever made it other wise. 

Time has moved so fast, tens of thousands of kisses and hugs, and millions of laughs.  We keep changing, growing and laughing. We are hoping to make it many more years......together. 

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Repairing an old Quilt by Hand

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This is Husband's fishing quilt and it needed some 

After it's last wash it just seems to fall apart !  I try to fix them, the owner of the quilt in our family will usually not give their quilt up ! 

a torn quilt is fixed

Laying out each place to repair

old quilt repair

Pinned it really good

old quilt repair

And used applique stitches, by hand.

They were all on seams, fabric becoming weak? 
I think just YEARS of use.

how to fix an old quilt

fix an older quilt by hand stitching

Looks pretty good ! 

fish quilt

Ready for many more years of wear !

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